Dec 9, 2011

WOW...Video scandal similar to Miss Korea 1995 Han Sung Joo

Han Sung Joo
Video scandal excited ... like Han Sung Joo Miss Korea 1995 circulated on the Internet. The exciting video featuring beautiful female figures are similar to the former Miss Korea 1995.

Han Sung Joo is a former Miss Korea in 1995 when Korea was a former beauty contestant was switched professions to become a news broadcaster. According to the newspaper, the circulation of the video scandal by the three ex-lover who feel hurt. The video titled "Video Sex Famous Actress" became the subject of conversation in several forums on the Internet both locally and internationally.

Initially Han Sung Joo scandal video published on the internet through a personal blog site someone, with it now the video is already widely circulated and easily accessible. To respond to allegations of circulation of a video like Han Sung Joo, or a former Miss Korea, now the three former Han Sung Joo provide a statement of the charges stated above and they emphatically denied the news.

Video Former Miss Korea Han Sung-Joo's lasted about three minutes. The video was leaked on the internet on December 4, 2011 last. Interestingly, the video entitled "Sex famous actress" was uploaded to the personal blog of cash to draw public attention to access the blog. From there the netter suspected female faces (players) similar to Sung Joo. Meanwhile, according to sources from the Special Unit for South Korea's Cyber ​​Crimes say, exciting video that can only be removed if there are no reports of complaints related to the video.

And now the netter who feel curious about the Download Video Former Miss Korea Han Sung Joo is currently trying to find the truth of the video. Not elaknya with a community in one forum that was curious and tried to find the whereabouts Download Video Former Miss Korea Han Sung Joo.

But unfortunately, the security forces in Korea cybers have worked quickly to sweep on websites or blogs that provide a link donwload video Han Sung Joo, a former Miss Korea 1995.

So, if you are interested to find too? 



Anonymous said...

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Free Porn Sex Videos said...

Here is the purported leaked sex tape of Han Sung-ju (한성주) aka Han Sung Joo which is causing a major uproar in South Korea… She is a 37-year-old Korean Newswoman and former Miss Korea 1995. People are stunned to learn Miss Korea 1995 Han Sung Joo is allegedly involved in a sex scandal.

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